Kosher Diamonds Certification

100% Transparency Standard

In response to shady practices rampant in the mined diamond industry we at Kosher Diamonds have adopted the Kosher Diamonds Certification standard to assure our customers of the authenticity of the lab grown diamonds. Essentially, the Kosher Diamonds Certification is a guarantee that what you buy from Kosher Diamonds- is exactly what you receive. 

The Kosher Diamond Certification is a Kosher Diamonds guarantee which is two-pronged. Firstly, the Kosher Diamond Certification ensures that each one of our lab grown diamonds is factually 100% lab grown. Secondly, the Kosher Diamond Certification means that the lab grown diamond has passed the rigorous screening process we use at Kosher Diamonds to vet our lab grown diamond manufacturing sources to ensure the high quality and reputable sources of the stones is ethically and environmentally conscious.


This Certification and Authenticity Code can be used to verify the origins of the lab grown diamonds from Kosher Diamonds. Should you have any inquiries regarding the origins of the jewelry

Kosher diamonds Certification SAMPLE

This is a Kosher Diamonds Certification SAMPLE

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